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Creative collective Hard Stuff, which deals with the multi-disciplinary design and production of furniture, now in the heart of the industrial zone of Belgrade, in Dorcol Dunavska 74.

One of the most beloved trends in recent years, industrial style, conquering the modern interiors with fantastic combination of modern and old, and indeed it is the essence of designer pieces that come out of the workshop Hard Stuff.

Reparation Aesthetics

What defines industrial style is a distinctive combination of used wooden materials, nature of materials, traces of work and innovative technologies. This trend relates to the aesthetics in which all the materials retain their natural or existing form. It is characterized by the use of primitive materials such as bricks, concrete, vast spectrum texture of wood, iron, steel. Adding the effect of natural forces influence (rust, holes in wood, scratches, decrepitude during prolonged storage, natural unevenness of the brick …) we get the sophisticated appearance, authenticity and aesthetics. By themselves all the textures are noble enough already, and this justifies the obsolescence of their identity through time. Reparation of old things or leaving materials in its natural form is the essence of the industrial-style by which the Hard Stuff is recognized.

In the past 10 years, industrial design and its elements are increasingly implicated in the environment as well as the new recognizable form of expression. There are a multitude at first sight of old dilapidated buildings and their interiors flooded with impressive architecture, design, crafts and carpentry enterprises. Industrial Zones of New York City, Berlin, London, where everything is born and where the reparation of old hangars and buildings retaining their existing identity, transforms in today’s most exclusive commercial and gastronomic places. Inspired by the trend, many large companies and brands have adopted this trends and Hard Stuff is one of them.

Creative industries

Following the successful development of quart Sava Mala according to global metropolis, We created Hard Stuff in the industrial zone of Belgrade in dorcol Dunavska 73 Street. Hard Stuff strives to unite human needs, global audience and nature. New work and creative space, hard stuff made and designed as a multi-functional unit in which they are implemented: a professional carpenter and crafts workshop, open offices, active showroom, garden, parking and 350 m2 indoor free space for all activities. The company was set up in two hangars – HS Industrial with its professional carpentry and handcraft workshops and HS Creative Space which is a showroom, creative workshop and official store. Hard Stuff create tables, chairs, chests of drawers, cabinets, lamps, space objects and decorative items. Each piece is unique, handmade and contains natural unevenness. Inspiration and creativity derive from global innovation and natural textures of materials such as wood, iron, glass, concrete and steel. HS along with user is seeking a deeper connection between the product and the area in which he lives, maintaining a primary aspect of material, using techniques of modern design. The primary goal is to produce timeless sustainable design manifested through pieces of furniture. The most common and most refined material is wood. The most commonly used pieces of wood and texture are the most common oak, ash, lime, pine and maple. In first and main stage (material selection, design of shapes, sizes, colors, technique, eco-friendly processes and recycled materials) Hard Stuff offers to its clients and partners possibility of direct impact on final product.


Section HS Creative Space offers through educational, cultural and commercial activities a new concept in motivation and recognition of young creators. The aim is to promote more professional work and intellectual space, providing all people, partners and customers continual innovations.


In addition to its new premises in the industrial zone of Belgrade, in Dorcol (Dunavska 74 str), works crafted by the Hard Stuff creative team can be viewed on 52. Belgrade Furniture Fair, which runs from 10th to 16th November. More information about the Hard Stuff products and methods of production can be seen on the site www.hardstuff.eu

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