Hard Stuff is a creative collective based on multidisciplinary design and furniture production. Hard Stuff is initiated in 2014 by connecting people with the same idea as a Slovenian – Serbian Company based in Industrial Zone in Belgrade, Serbia. Inspiration and creativity are drawn from global innovation and natural textures of materials such as wood, iron, glass, concrete and steel. The primary goal is to produce timeless sustainable design that manifest through pieces of furniture.

Hard Stuff along with the user is seeking a deeper connection between the product and the area in which he lives, in order to keep the appearance of the primary materials – using techniques of modern design. Each piece is a separate, handmade and contains natural unevenness.


In 2014 Hard Stuff launched his new work and creative space, built and designed as a multi-functional unit in which we implemented a professional carpenter and locksmith’s shop. We strive to improve more professional work and intellectual space and provide to all people, partners and clients good energy and constant innovation.


We are a vertically integrated company that is always looking for entrepreneurial self-initiative, inspired by managers, creative professionals, operational experts, carpenters, metalworker and other creative professions.

Owners and founders

Rok Skele
Srđan Damjanac